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National Rifle Association
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
National Shooting Sports Foundation
Civilian Marksmanship Program

2nd Amendment Issues

Keep and Bear Arms
Shooters' Committee on Political Education (New York State emphasis)

Firearms Laws (Information on firearms laws nationwide)
NYC Handgun License Information From the NYPD

Competitive Shooting

Competitive Shooting Network (the "Bullseye Encyclopedia")
Bullseye Mailing List (An e-mail listserve for competitive pistol shooters)
Bullseye-L Internet Forum (A threaded discussion group for competitive pistol shooters)
Target Talk (A threaded discussion group for competitive rifle and pistol shooters)

On-Line Reference and Shopping (Donates a percentage of each sale to the customer's chosen pro-2nd Amendment or pro-military organization.)
Cheaper Than Dirt
Ghillie Suits (Use coupon code "MRGC" when you order and receive a 5% discount, plus no NYC/NYS sales tax.)
A History of Firearms
L.L. Bean
Lock Stock and Barrel
Midway USA
Midsouth Shooters' Supply
Natchez Shooters Supply
Internet Shooting Directory
The Optic Zone


NY Antler Outdoors

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