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 NRA-sanctioned matches
Beginners and Seasoned shooters alike are encouraged to participate in these "NRA Classification" events, earning their classification cards from the NRA.  Levels are:
Marksman - earned after shooting several events.
High Master 
Requirements Shooters must be club members or potential members*, have their own equipment, posses the appropriate NYPD licenses, and have taken either NRA Basic Pistol course** or the NRA Basic Rifle course**.  Shooters should be NRA members. Come to a meeting and have a chat with the Match Director.
see Membership page ** see Education page
Precision Pistol 900s are offered throughout the year, in conjunction with matches being run at WestSide Pistol Range in Manhattan. A match can be shot in 22, center fire, or 45.
A 900 event consists of 9 targets, 10 shots per target, totaling 90 shots, total possible score of 100 per target, and 900 per match.  The course of fire is:
Slow Fire:   10 shots in 10 minutes. (2 times, 2 targets)
National Match Course:  1 Slow Fire target , 1 Timed Fire target, 1 Rapid Fire target
Timed Fire:    5 shots in 20 seconds (4 times, 2 targets).
Rapid Fire:     5 shots in 10 seconds (4 times, 2 targets)
Light Rifle Standing
For 22 caliber rifles, the course of fire for a Light Rifle Standing match is Slow Fire: 20,30,40,60,80, or 100 shots , 1 1/2 minutes per shot.  The Match Director will designate the course of fire for a particular match. 60 is the usual.
International Matches
60 shot matches (40 shots for women) are offered at least once a calendar quarter.