Hunter Safety Education courses are offered several times a year in both Bow Hunting and Firearm Hunting. Classes are free and open to the public.  Upcoming classes are listed on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website, where Registration takes place (see our Links page). Students must download and complete the homework assignment before coming to the class.   A certificate from a Hunter Safety Education course is required in order to obtain a Hunting License.    Questions? Come to a meeting and have a chat with the Hunter Safety Education instructors.

All NRA courses have 3 basic tenets: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. Of these 3, the most important is Attitude.
NRA Basic Pistol is offered to club members at a deep discount.  Knowledge comes via the course's online component, with an exam;  Skills come from the course's live-fire component, with a marksmanship requirement.  Attitude walks in the door with the student. All 3 are evaluated by the club's team of instructors.
The Basic Pistol certificate is required for shooting NRA-sanctioned Precision Pistol matches here at the club, is a prerequisite to taking the Range Safety Officer course here at the club, and satisfies the requirement for proof of firearm training in obtaining non-resident CCW permits in Florida, Virginia, Connecticut, Arizona, Maine,
NRA Basic Rifle is also offered to club members, and is required to shoot in the club's NRA-sanctioned Light Rifle Standing matches.  This course is a good choice for rifle-only shooting members.  The club strongly recommends that all shooting members take one or the other of these two Basic courses.
NRA Range Safety Officer can be offered to interested members who have successfully completed one of the 2 Basic courses.