2nd Thursdays, 6pm, juniors are welcomed to Metro to experience both Archery and Light Rifle.  The purpose of our program, similar to the programs of the BSA, is to safely introduce Juniors to these two sports, often enjoyed in the out of doors.

Juniors must :
   • be US citizens
    be Age 12 to 21 for Light Rifle
   • be Age 8 and up for Archery.
   • have written permission from a parent or guardian, and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on their first visit.

Juniors are individually accompanied by instructors on both the rifle line and on the archery line.

Rifle shooters have the opportunity to participate in the NRA's Winchester Marksmanship Program, where they can earn level awards as their marksmanship skills grow.

Come to a meeting and have a chat with the Juniors' Program chairman.