Membership is open to: 

    · U.S. citizens

    · Aged 21 or over 

    · With strong character references 

Prospective members must attend at least three club meetings, held on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays of each month* at 8pm. At the 1st meeting, the candidate completes paperwork, shows proof of citizenship, pays the non refundable application fee, and becomes a "Prospective Member". During these first three meetings the prospective member is encouraged to meet and mingle with the members, to introduce himself/herself. During this waiting period, the Prospective Member may participate in some club activities under member supervision.  

*adjustments may be made for November and December holidays

A candidate can be presented for membership at a general meeting (held on a 4th Thursday of each month). The candidate will be interviewed by the membership at large, and is eligible to be be elected to membership. If granted membership, dues are payable, prorated for the remainder of the calendar year.

Dues can be paid directly to the club electronically via Zelle® ( or PayPal (add $7.77 paypal fee).

Members must have a New York City handgun permit in order to shoot pistol, and a New York City rifle permit in order to shoot rifle. Shooting members are encouraged to become members of the NRA, to take the NRA Basic Pistol course or the NRA Basic Rifle course.

Please contact the club Membership Chairman Matt Zaklad at (917) 545-0109 for further information.

And if you live in the neighborhood, come to a club meeting on a 3rd or 4th Thursday night of each month (note Nov/Dec holiday schedules) to meet with the Membership Chair (plan to arrive, at the clubhouse early by 7:30pm)