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 Greater New York Pistol League Events
Metro pistol shooters compete as a team in conjunction with the Greater New York Pistol League. While Metro and other teams in the league include many fine shooters, you need not be a seasoned competitor to participate. Competition is open to anyone with a valid pistol license and a properly functioning, NRA competition-legal pistol (revolver or semi-automatic). The league reports shooters' scores in "conventional" (NRA-style) matches to the NRA so that members can obtain Indoor Pistol classifications.
Come to a meeting and have a chat with the Rifle/Pistol Chairman.

The competition season runs from September to early June, beginning with "conventional" (NRA-style) .22 pistol and continuing with conventional centerfire pistol (any calibre between .32 and .45), conventional .45 pistol, and modified international centerfire matches (any calibre between .32 and .45).

Conventional Pistol Matches
Any number of shooters can participate in conventional pistol matches; the 3 highest scores make up the team's score. The 30-shot National Match Course is fired:
• Slow Fire: 10 shots in 10 minutes.
• Timed Fire: 5 shots in 20 seconds (repeated twice).
• Rapid Fire: 5 shots in 10 seconds (repeated twice).

Modified International Centerfire Matches
Any number of shooters can participate in modified international centerfire matches; the 3 highest scores make up the team's score. Scores in this event cannot be used for classification purposes because any NRA competition-legal pistol up to .45 calibre is allowed. (International rules place greater restrictions on equipment.) The modified international centerfire event also consists of 30 shots:
• "Precision:" 5 shots in 5 minutes (repeated three times).
• "Duel:" three strings of 5 shots. The gun is held in a "ready" position at a 45-degree angle to the floor, and is raised and fired when a buzzer sounds. Each shot must be fired in three seconds, and there is a seven second interval between shots.